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7 big questions that need answering in Game of Thrones season 7 and 8



Six years ago, Game of Thrones made its first appearance on our TV screens and now, six years later, it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t seen at least one episode. The biggest show on Earth has sunk so deep into the pores of our mainstream media that even non-watchers have heard tales of Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons. Whenever I do come across someone who hasn’t seen the show, I immediately begin to lecture them on their ignorance. It’s not ‘Dragons, magic, and all that s**t’, as some Neanderthals chose to respond. It’s infinitely complex, with many big questions introduced and then woven throughout the narrative. Whenever you get close to an answer, a bend in the plot takes you in a new direction. But hey, I don’t need to tell you that.

Every passing season sees more questions added to the already lengthy list of unanswered questions that Game of Thrones fans have built up over the years. Season Six saw some big reveals. We finally discovered who Jon Snow’s mother was. Sticking with Jon, we also saw him return from the dead! Yet, perhaps most crucial of all, we learned the real story behind Hodor’s name (‘Hold the door, Willis!’)  Season 7 is only months away, so what better time to reflect on those really big questions. You know the ones I’m talking about…

1. Will Jon Snow’s true parentage become common knowledge?


At the end of Season 6, fans around the world finally got the answer to the question they had been posing on fan forums since the internets very invention. Jon Snow’s mother was revealed to be Lyanna Stark. Jon, however, was thankfully not another child born of incest, as his real father was discovered to be Rhaegar Targaryen. This makes Jon the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Yet, the only who knows that, we assume, is Bran Stark. The real question here, then, is how/will the truth regarding Jon’s parentage become common knowledge? Well, it’s likely that Jon will soon hear the truth, as Bran his heading south toward Winterfell. The vision of a cripple is not enough to convince the rest of Westeros, however. On the other hand, it’s likely that some other evidence will turn up in Season 7, so prepare for the arrival of Jon Targaryen!

2. If Jon and Danny are both Targaryen, who is then the third head of the Dragon?


So now that we know that Jon Snow is a Targaryen, the question arises who is the third head of the Dragon? If you’re unaware of this concept, check out the Targaryen sigil above. Notice the dragon has three heads. Each head represents a dragon rider. Aegon the Conqueror was accompanied by his two sisters when he invaded Westeros. Who will accompany Danny and Jon? There are several candidates. Tyrion could possibly ride the third dragon, considering the fan theory that he may also be a Targaryen (Google Tyrion a Targaryen? – if unsure). Bran Stark is another who could occupy the third place, considering the Three-Eyed Raven’s prophecy that he ‘will fly’. However, there is another more sinister theory that the Night King could be the third Dragon rider, after he kills and resurrects Viserion. In a few months time, perhaps we will find out for sure…

3. Why have the White Walkers returned?


I don’t buy the idea that the White Walkers are just hateful creatures intent on the destruction of the living. It doesn’t fit at all with the world that  George. R.R. Martin has created. Everything and everyone has a motivation. Whether that is power, glory, or honour. As well as the question regarding the White Walkers motivation, we also have to wonder why have they suddenly returned. They’ve been gone for thousands of years. What was the catalyst that caused them to return? Why now? Hopefully, we get a few flashbacks to clarify this position. It would also be awesome to learn a bit more about the show and book’s deadliest villains.

4. How will the White Walkers bring down The Wall? 


The TV show doesn’t really touch on this subject. The only information we get about The Wall states that it holds magic that prevents the dead from passing. However, in the books there is much more detail. The Horn of Winter is a legendary horn that the ancient King-beyond-the-Wall, Joramun, used to wake the giants from the Earth. According to Wildling myth, the horn is also capable of bringing down The Wall. In the books, Mance Rayder finds the Horn of Winter. He does not use it though, as he knows that The Wall is the only thing that can stop the White Walkers. The Wall will fall. It has to. Why have a wall that big if you don’t give people the chance to see it crumble? Perhaps the White Walkers will find the Horn. Come the end of Season 7, I’m sure we will find out.

5. Are there any more Children of the Forest? 


Are they now extinct? If so, I think the show could have done more to hammer that point home. Then again, the fact that they didn’t is one of the main reasons why I think a few more may be lurking in the woods somewhere. The Children of the Forest inhabited Westeros before the First Men arrived, 12,000 years before Robert’s Rebellion. After a ferocious war, a peace pact was signed on the Isle of Faces. When the Andals arrived 6,000 years later, many Children were hunted down and killed. As such, they were forced to flee north. The small group who accompanied the Three-Eyed Raven are now obviously dead. Yet, I don’t think Game of Thrones is finished with them.

6. Who will kill The Mountain?


So many people want him dead. Arya, The Hound, the Sandsnakes, the entirety of Dorne. In fact, it’s probably not hyperbolic to suggest that most people, barring Cersei Lannister, want The Mountain to finally enter the seven hells. However, the who is less certain. Of course, everyone would love to say that The Hound will finally get revenge for his childhood sizzling. However, this is Game of Thrones. If we actually got what we wanted, Rob Stark would currently sit on the Iron Throne. I think his eventual demise will come from some unknown angle. Perhaps Jaime. Maybe Grey Worm will find a gap in his armour? By the end of season 7, I think The Mountain will have met his end and we will have our answer.

7. Who will sit the Iron Throne when the dust finally settles? 


The million dollar question. Will Danny finally get all that she has ever wanted? Will Cersei somehow defeat them all and retain her crown?  Unlikely. Will Jon claim his birthright? Or, will everyone will be dead, with show finishing as The Night King climbs the steps toward the Iron Throne? Hopefully not that final one. Whatever the case, this is the question that has kept everyone hooked from the first book, for readers, and from the first episode, for show watchers. Again, the outcome will probably be unlikely. There may not even be an Iron Throne to claim, come the finale. Wouldn’t that be a twist? The Democratic Republic of Westeros. Perhaps. I want to see Jon crowned, but the Game of Thrones fan in me knows that that hope is foolish. Will I ever learn?!? Nope.


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