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Who was that at the end of House of The Dragon Episode 2?



crabfeeder craghas drahar

The latest episode of House of the Dragon left us all wondering, who exactly is this person causing trouble, especially to Corlys Velaryon? Only 2 episodes in, we can not really guess who the villain is. But seems like Crabfeeder is definitely not one of the good guys.

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We heard his name in passing in episode 1 but now that the attention is on Crabfeeder, what do we really know about him?

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corlys valeryon

Corlys Velaryon has bought him to the Small Council’s notice more than once by now. Corlys requests urgent action to take the control of Stepstones away from Crabfeeder. The Stepstones islands, which were previously occupied by pirates, are now taken over by the Triarchy. The clans of Lyr, Myr, and Tyrosh formed the alliance, The Triarchy; their armies and fleets are led by Craghas Crabfeeder. Their occupation is causing loss to the Velaryon’s trade business as well as danger to the Seven Kingdoms. The Triarchy hails from Essos and King Viserys I thinks it’s a bad idea to engage in a war that is “avoidable”.

Who is Crabfeeder?


Craghas Drahar AKA Crabfeeder is seen nailing barely alive pirates of the Stepstones onto the shore crawling with innumerable crabs. The name fits him as he tortures the pirates, leaving them to die under the high tide, and the crabs. Nearing the end of the episode, we see Corlys plotting with Daemon Targaryen to take the Stepstones under their control and drive the folks from the Free Cities away. With Daemon’s manpower and Corlys’ wealth, this alliance against a merciless villain will certainly bring more blood and brutality.

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