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Who is Emma D’Arcy? Who are they dating?



Credits: HBO

The time jump in House of the Dragon season 1 marks a turning point in the story. Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower are all grown up, albeit amid their turbulent relationship. This leap is crucial to the plot of the show as it highlights how the two friends have grown apart. Playing the older version of Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon is Emma D’Arcy. The British actor has been acting in BBC dramas and web series previously. However, the stardom they experienced with House of the Dragon is on another level.

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Who is Emma D’Arcy?

Credits: HBO

After falling in love with acting at the tender age of six, Emma D’Arcy decided to pursue acting as a career henceforth. They studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art through St Edmund Hall, Oxford. What began with set design, eventually went on to manifest in acting and directing. Their passion for the world of movies and shows was evident since the beginning. Fearlessly, they dived into acting and secured a few good roles before landing the role of their career.

Born on 27 June 1992 to Sally Elizabeth D’Arcy and Richard John D’Arcy, the actor has spent most of their life in London. They’re currently 31 years old. They did a lot of theatre gigs along with roles in television series. The actor is known for their flair for drama without going over the top. Depicting striking characters with ease and finesse, they soon became an actor to watch out for.

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Emma D’Arcy movies and TV shows

Emma D'Arcy in Wanderlust

Credits: Netflix

  • Wanderlust
  • Truth Seekers
  • Hanna
  • House of the Dragon

Their first role on TV was in Nick Payne’s 2018 BBC One and Netflix series Wanderlust. They played Naomi Richards in the show. Moving on, they were also seen in Truth Seekers and Hanna, both series on Amazon Prime Video. The major announcement of their involvement in House of the Dragon came in 2020, turning things around for their career.

Portraying the fierce and ambitious Rhaenyra Targaryen put D’Arcy on the map. They have been nominated for a Golden Globe for their exceptional performance in the show. With season 2 releasing in Summer 2024, D’Arcy is all set to be back on fans’ screens. All media reviewers have nothing but praise for the actor since their face is their biggest asset. With expressive eyes and a solemn resting face, D’Arcy enamors all viewers with just one look.

Emma D’Arcy’s relationships


Credits: HBO

  • Rumored: Thomas May Bailey

Despite being in the public eye for about a decade, D’Arcy has been pretty private about their personal life. They don’t like sharing intimate bits of their life with the masses. Little is known about their dating history and who they might be with at the moment. However, since people love finding easter eggs and making deductions based on presented facts, there’s speculation that D’Arcy might be dating theater director Thomas May Bailey.

The couple has been featured on each other’s social media along with joint public appearances in award shows and premieres. In an interview in 2022 with Entertainment Weekly, the actor confirmed that they are in a relationship even though it’s a bit complicated. The same interview clarified that D’Arcy uses they/them pronouns and identifies as a non-binary person. However, D’Arcy has not disclosed the name of their partner yet, so all this is speculation at best. They said,

“I probably have a complicated relationship, I’m sure as most people do, with having a public profile, but I suppose being able to help the broad spectrum of gender identities sounds like a good reason to have one. So I feel very lucky to just continue what for me is a very exciting plane of discussion — and nice to be able to do that both to an extent onscreen and separately offscreen.”

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Emma D’Arcy in House of the Dragon

Credits: HBO

The reason D’Arcy resonates with Rhaenyra from House of the Dragon is because of the character’s fierce thirst for power. Rhaenyra is not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Whether it’s the Iron Throne or to stand for her kids, Rhaenyra is fearless in the face of adversity. Even in her relationship with Daemon, Rhaenyra stands tall without any remorse. Since childhood, D’Arcy has been pulled in two different directions, juggling their masculinity and femininity. Being comfortable in a situation that comes naturally to men was something that D’Arcy wanted to feel. They elaborated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter,

“Rhaenyra has an ongoing battle with what it means to be a woman and is a fundamental outsider. She’s terrified of getting locked into motherhood and is aware of how her position would be different if she were male. I’m a nonbinary person. I’ve always found myself both pulled and repelled by masculine and feminine identity and I think that plays out truthfully here. She can’t attend court in a way that comes easily to other people.”

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Moreover, the showrunners were left awestruck with D’Arcy’s audition tape. The fact that they were not well-known at the time did not stop the creators from signing on D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen. They are naturally brunette, so they had to dye their hair, adopt a more neutral accent, and do many such preparations to be ready as Rhaenyra. It all proved worth it in the end, since many publications deemed D’Arcy the star of the show.

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