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Wednesday surpassed House of The Dragon as the most viewed premiere of 2022



2022 was the year of amazing TV shows. Both HBO and Netflix gave out hits after hits, and kept us entertained throughout the year. However, when it comes to viewership numbers, one of them emerged as the clear winner. And quite unexpectedly, Netflix’s Wednesday has managed to overthrow HBO’s House of The Dragon as the most-watched premiere of 2022, even though it was released at a later time.

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How did Wednesday’s premiere have more viewers than House of The Dragon?

According to a recent report by Samba TV, Wednesday brought in about 66% of its audience in the first 15 days itself, which caused the show to have a longer shelf life than most. That lengthy time period helped Wednesday to take over HBO’s House of the Dragon as the most-watched premiere of 2022 within the first 40 days. The Game of Thrones spin-off was ahead in the initial 15-day period.

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Will there be a Season 2 of Wednesday? 

According to a number of reports, yes. It has been confirmed that Wednesday will return for a second season on Netflix following its success, but the release date hasn’t been revealed yet. The production is yet to begin but any news regarding Season 2 has been currently under the wraps.

When will House of The Dragon return?

The filming of House of The Dragon season 2 is currently in pre-production, with several scripts being rewritten by George R. R. Martin. HBO chief Casey Bloys has confirmed in an indirect way that House of The Dragon won’t be coming back before the summer of 2024.

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