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George R.R. Martin’s ‘Dark Winds’ wraps up filming Season 2




George R. R. Martin is a name generally associated with the highly popular TV series, Game of Thrones, as its creator. However, he is expanding his working area. His skills now include helping to bring other famous novels to life as well. The writer is now an executive producer for AMC’s new TV show ‘Dark Winds‘. Martin recently revealed that his new TV show has recently wrapped up filming its second season.

What is the ‘Dark Winds’ about?

AMC network’s TV series ‘Dark Winds’ is an adaptation of Tony Hilerman’s ‘The Dark Wind’ novel series for AMC+ and AMC. The show is led by Westworld alum Zahn McClarnon. The official description of the show narrates:

“Based on the iconic Leaphorn & Chee book series by Tony Hillerman, Dark Winds is a psychological thriller that follows two Navajo police officers in the 1970s Southwest. As their search for clues in a grisly double murder case forces them to challenge their own spiritual beliefs and come to terms with the trauma of their pasts.”


When will Season 2 of ‘Dark Winds’ arrive?

There has been no official announcement yet, but Martin recently announced on his blog that Season 2 has wrapped up filming. He wrote:

“Let’s see… well, big news, we wrapped filming on the second season of DARK WINDS a few days ago, with several days of shooting in Monument Valley. This is the Navajo detective series we’re doing for AMC, based on the fantastic Joe Leaphorn/ Jim Chee novels of the late great Tony Hillerman. The first season was largely based on LISTENING WOMEN, with some of PEOPLE OF DARKNESS folded in. The new season completes the PEOPLE OF DARKNESS storyline.”

“We got some great reviews for season one — and I really hope we get some Emmy attention too, though the show ran last June, and people do forget — and they tell me season two is even better. If you missed season one, you can still catch it streaming on AMC+. Post-production is just starting on season two, no release date yet, but I’m thinking summer, maybe spring.

What happened to Martin’s ‘Wild Cards’ TV series?

According to the same blog, it is still in development. Martin explained:

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“On other fronts, we’re still working on a Wild Cards television series. It’s… sigh… “in development,” which means… hell, nobody knows what it means. But if we can get it up and running, it will be a fun show. The world of the Wild Cards as a big as the Marvel or DC multiverses, with thirty-one volumes published to date and more on the way, forty odd authors, hundreds of stories, a vast lineup of characters. This particular take on the world is based largely on FORT FREAK, and centered on Jokertown.”

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