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Website imagines Game of Thrones if it was completely made in Canada



There’s lots in store for Westeros in Season 8, but how would the story change if it was based in Canada? A new website Game of Canada has decided to answer that very question.Replacing 10 characters and film locations with Canadian alternatives, the website provides fans with some chibi-style fan art, animated dragons and a fun twist on the characters and film sets.. We’ve taken a look at some of the character replacements to see if the Canadian cast is a patch on the actors and actresses we’ve grown to love.


Billions star Malin Åkerman is put forward as an alternative Daenerys Targaryen owing to her feisty and tenacious personality. Based on her fierce portrayal of Silk Spectre in Watchmen, it’s not totally out of the question to imagine her mothering dragons and going head to head with Cersei in their quest for the Iron Throne. Do you think she’d pull off the white wig?


Finding a replacement for Kit Harington was never going to be easy but Ryan Reynolds could be a close match. He earned a solid fanbase by performing as Wade Wilson in Deadpool and would certainly bring more humour to the role of Jon Snow. As the heartthrob of the show, only he could be considered iconic enough to play the Ex-Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and Daenerys’ lover and relative.


From a seemingly mild mannered queen to a formidable war strategist, Cersei has undergone a transformation unlike any other character on the show. Admittedly, Cersei doesn’t have the nicest of personalities but she has mental strength unlike any other character. Anita Sarkeesian is an interesting suggestion for Cersei. She is passionate, powerful and political – all traits present in the current ruler of Westeros.


Perhaps the most bizarre choice is Justin Bieber. In fact, the suggestion of Justin Bieber as Jaime Lannister has drawn criticism. In truth, it’s near enough impossible to replace Nikolaj Coster-Waldau however, a key part of Jaime is his loveable rogue persona which could be mirrored by Justin Bieber who seems to have an all-or-nothing personality. If we had to choose an alternative though, we think that Prince Charming from Shrek could possibly be a match based on looks alone.


Who could possibly portray the witty and intelligent Tyrion Lannister other than Peter Dinklage? Jordan Prentice could apparently! Both Tyrion and Jordan possess an excellent sense of humour and a memorable personality. Aside from Jordan’s acting ability serving him in the political Game of Thrones, he’s actually been confused with Peter Dinklage before so clearly they very similar in appearance.


Age difference aside, Rachel McAdams could perform fantastically well as Sansa Stark. Her experience has already proven her ability as a dramatic actress and both Sansa and Rachel learn that hardship forces you to develop a thicker skin. Rachel emerged triumphant from a rumoured tempestuous relationship with Ryan Gosling behind the scenes of The Notebook, with both actors successfully performing in the blockbuster. Her ability to survive in emotionally challenging situations means she’d have no problem in retaining Winterfell.


There are height and age differences between Arya Stark and Shannon Szabados however, the athleticism of both Arya and Shannon are too similar to ignore. Both Arya and Shannon pursue a path of their own making, ignoring societal conventions. As an ice hockey player, Shannon’s speed, skill, and tight focus match her to the young assassin – she is more than capable of handling herself in the field.

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