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Issac Hempstead-Wright talks about Bran Stark's purpose and more



Game of Thrones Season 7 is going really well so far, with five episodes having aired till now. The latest of the bunch, was the fifth, titled ‘Eastwatch’, which further reinforced the fact that Bran Stark might have a much bigger role to play in the endgame. The show is handling the character very well, with giving him screentime which isn’t as much as the supposedly main characters, but still has an impact which is as much as theirs. Speaking to media at an event at the Michigan Avenue AT&T store recently, Issac Hempstead-Wright, who plays the role od Bran Stark, recently spoke about his character, and more. Read on!

First off, he talked about Bran Stark’s importance, which is pretty much obvious to us by now :

“Bran’s got information on the origin of the White Walkers, which ultimately is the biggest threat — this massive apocalypse looming. And so I think that’s where Bran’s gonna be most useful.”

However, he was quite evasive of questions about whether Bran lives till the end. When asked about Season 8 filming, he said :

“I don’t know. We don’t know if I make it to the season, do we?”

He also talked about that Littlefinger burn, where Bran Stark said Littlefinger’s own words back to him : “Chaos is a ladder” :

“There’s no malice, I don’t think. He’s just sort of indicating to Littlefinger that he knows what’s going on. He’s seen everything, and I think that is probably the most frightening thing for Littlefinger, who has always been on top with information, who always has his little spies out. There’s no way he can outfox Bran on that.”

He was asked whether that won’t make Littlefinger see him as a threat, to which Issac replied :

“Potentially, yeah, I think so. although in many ways I think Bran has transcended all those human fears and worries.”

He also revealed that before Season 7 began, the showrunners told him to play Bran as largely the Three-Eyed Raven, with a little spark of Bran in him. He also revealed a funny fact about his Hodor scenes withKristian Nairn, who played the character :

“For many of the early years, I was just singing ‘SpongeBob’ songs in his ear, which he didn’t appreciate.”

What do you think will Bran’s role be, as the story proceeds, and how long do you see him lasting? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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