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HBO airs its 2018 promo video and it doesn't feature Game of Thrones Season 8

As you all know, Game of Thrones is currently filming for Season 8, and we cannot wait for it to air. There have been numerous statements which have said that the show might not make its way to out televisions again before 2019, and now we might have a definitive nod about this from HBO itself.

HBO has now released its yearly gloating about the amazing programming it has : the programming promo for 2018, and it doesn’t have Game of Thrones Season 8!

HBO has just released its annual promo video, announcing the 2018 programming for the network, new as well as returning. Check the video out, below :

Now, as you must have noticed, in this announcement of things coming to HBO in 2018, are Insecure, Westworld, Crashing, Silicon Valley, and new shows like Fahrenheit 451, Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects, Succession, Here and Now, and Barry, and more. A lot more, but there’s no Game of Thrones Season 8! Of course, a glimpse of the show is included early on in the video, a Season 7 scene, but that’s just because it’s HBO’s biggest show, and the promo would be incomplete without it.

However, the absence of the show’s eight season in the upcoming 2018 roster makes one thing certain : we’re definitely going to wait till 2019 for Season 8. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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