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Watch the Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer




It’s been close to 2 years since Game Of Thrones season 7 got over and now it’s time to rejoice as the final season is releasing soon and now HBO has released the trailer for season 8 and it is simply spectacular! The last 2 days have been simply amazing for the fans of the show as we got to see new posters for the characters which was followed by cover photos being shared by EW and now we finally have the trailer and I am literally shaking after watching it.

The trailer starts with an injured and scared Arya Stark who is running around the hallways in Winterfell. Is she running from the White Walkers?!! We then see Lord Varys and others hiding in the crypts beneath Winterfell, while Arya and others are fighting above.

The trailer further shows Euron bringing the Golden Company to Westeros and we get to see Tormund and Beric Dondarrion who have survived the  Night King’s attack on the Wall. We then see more characters and then we get a better look at Jon and Daenerys arriving at Winterfell with the Dothraki, Unsullied and the Dragons.

The trailer then gives us a glimpse of the battle at Winterfell after the White Walkers finally arrive. Watching this trailer has given me goosebumps. Without wasting any time, take a look at the Game Of Thrones Season 8 trailer below:

We will be back very soon with an in-depth analysis of the trailer to share things that you might have missed while watching it.


Game of Thrones has been HBO’s poster child for nearly a decade now. Game of Thrones came in at a time when the television medium was at a decline. HBO managed to make the bold decision of bringing it to TV, and boy did it pay off. As we move towards the end of the show, HBO is already gearing up for a follow up, with multiple prequels for the show already in development. Former HBO CEO Richard Plepler recently said that these are “something special.”

Plepler was the one who greenlit Game of Thrones. After the recent buyout of HBO by AT&T, Plepler decided it was time to leave the company, and is no longer at HBO. On his way out, however, Plepler is still proud of Game of Thrones and the direction it is taking, moving forward.

A recent piece that Variety did on Kit Harington mentions Plepler’s comments on the prequels. Plepler said that the idea behind the prequels is:

“…something special. We weren’t just trying to re-engineer the genes of what ‘Game of Thrones’ was, but we had a fresh, exciting perspective that didn’t let the franchise go away.”


Plepler also discussed the show’s high point, where the public curiosity surrounding Jon Snow‘s death was at a record high. even the then President of the United States, Barack Obama, a well known fan of the show, asked Plepler about whether Jon was really dead. Plepler apparently replied with:

“Mr. President, even your security clearance isn’t high enough to give you the answer to that.”

Well, we hope Plepler has a fruitful future outside of HBO. As someone who made the decision to give us this beautiful show, he totally deserves it. What do you guys think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


Chill out folks, not all of Sophie Turner’s friends know what happens in the Game of Thrones finale. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Sansa Stark actor has cleared the air about reports that she spoiled the finale for several of her friends. Turner assures that’s it’s just two people, including her fiance Joe Jonas, and both of them are quite capable of keeping the secret.

Around January reports started circulating that she has revealed the top-secret finale to multiple people. Turner was quoted as saying,

“I’m so bad at keeping secrets, I don’t think people tell me things anymore because they know that I can’t keep them. I’ve already told the ending of Game of Thrones to a few people.”

This statement did not sit well with a section of Game Of Thrones fans. People accused her of sloppiness, particularly when the show makers are going to such lengths to keep it all secret. Turner says she found out about the backlash from news headlines on Twitter. She told EW,

 “The truth is I’ve only told two people. It’s not that many. To be honest, I don’t read many of the mentions on Twitter because there’s normally quite a bit of hate. Everything I say will always have some negative reactions so I’m not surprised.”


Turner with fiance Joe Jonas in a recent game. Jonas is one of the people who Turner has told about the finale.

Turner is likely referring to the negative sentiments associated with her character Sansa, and her on-screen disagreements with fan-favourite Jon Snow in Season 7 may have fueled that. While she shrugs off the negativity, she is aware of the unfairness of it.

Jon Snow actor Kit Harington has also admitted to revealing spoilers to his wife Rose Leslie in the recent past, but received no backlash for it (even that story was misinterpreted at first). The irony is not lost on Turner, who observes,

“The people love Kit Harington, he can do no wrong. He’s the people’s prince!”

Not fair, fans!


George Lucas has inspired many a man’s envy no doubt, but the collective envy of the entire Game of Thrones fandom is probably not what he bargained for.

Creating the Star Wars universe and inspiring generations of fantasy creators has its perks. And so George Lucas has something that we would happily give our sword arms for: an exclusive sneak peek into the jealously guarded world of Game of Thrones Season 8.

We have already reported that George Lucas visited the Game of Thrones season 8 set as a special guest back in May 2018. Emilia Clarke, the common link between Game Of Thrones and Star Wars universes, had a funny anecdote to share about her star-struck reception of the legendary director, remember? Now more details of that special visit are emerging, and the source is none other than Liam Cunnigham, the actor behind the ever dependable Ser Davos Seaworth.

In a recent interview with Cunningham confirmed that Lucas had paid a visit to the Game of Thrones sets.

“George Lucas was there,” said Cunningham, “Yeah, him and his missus showed up on set. It was delightful.”


Although he insists that Lucas was not there to shoot a cameo as some rumors suggested, the Onion Knight isn’t averse to the idea. In fact, he thinks Lucas would have fitted quite snugly into the world of Westeros:

“He could have, with the beard! That’s not a bad idea. We should have stuck him in.”

While he rues his lack of pro-activeness, Cunningham is not too sure about the audience reception. After all, the last celebrity cameo with Ed Sheeran in season 7 did not sit well with many fans (Sheeran even quit Twitter temporarily following the backlash):

“Then people would have gone, ‘Are you f***ing kidding me? Who’s that behind Beric Dondarrion? I’m telling you, it’s f***ng George Lucas!’ ‘Man, you and that Star Wars sh**! Why don’t you let it lie?’”

But fans can rest assured. Lucas was only visiting out of a shared interest in high-power fantasy dramas, as Cunnigham revealed. As much as he is delighted by Lucas’s visit, Cunnigham stresses the importance of not taking all this attention to his head.

“We can’t take in the size of it or the cultural impact that it has … Because you start portraying what other people see of you … That’s deeply unprofessional.”

Instead, the Onion Knight prefers to take everything with a pinch of salt:

“You have to be slightly cynical about it, just to keep your feet on the ground and do your job. But we’ve all been transformed for this. It’s opened doors for everyone.”

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Here’s wishing many more open doors for our dear Ser Davos. Who knows, Lucas himself might be behind one of them?


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