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Here’s a look at the gruesome silicone model of baby Visenya from House of the Dragon



Fans react to baby Visenya's birth and death scene

House of the Dragon season one has made its name for something its predecessor, Game of Thrones, did not do; explicit birthing scenes. Out of all the blood and gore possible on screen, fans did not expect almost four birth scenes in one season. The pilot episode had a childbirth scene, and so did the finale. Both babies suffered an unfortunate fate, and left fans in shock. In the finale, Rhaenyra delivers her baby girl Visenya Targaryen pre-term, and she does not survive. We will never get to know Rhaenyra’s first and only daughter, but the special effects team did an extraordinary job on the models. Barrie Gower shared the close-up photos on his Instagram.

Barrie Gower and his team at BGFX Ltd. have created many of the prosthetics and models used so far in House of the Dragon. Their creations include everything from King Viserys’ rotting features to Vaemond Velaryon’s decapitated body and even the head model of Vhagar. The team did a phenomenal job of making it as realistic as possible while adding non-human features like the scales.

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In the book Fire & Blood, Visenya was said to have the semblance of a tail, but the show left that out. The scaly details were hard to see amidst the blood. But seeing them on the baby makes us wonder if all Targaryen babies look like this in the early stages. What do you think the reason for the scales is? Share your thoughts on our discord server.

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