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Top five moments from House of the Dragon Episode 5




Episode 5 of House of the Dragon is likely to be the last one featuring the younger versions of the main characters. The next episode will have a time jump where the older actors will play the parts of the characters. Due to this, episode 5 has been far more eventful than the last two, with tensions and passions flying high. This article lists some of the most shocking and eventful moments from episode 5 of House of the dragon.

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Daemon and Rhea


We are finally introduced to Daemon’s significant other. Rhea Royce, whom Daemon refers to out of malice as his ‘Bronze Bitch’ makes a brief appearance in the episode. We see her riding out by herself in the Vale on a hunt, seen only by her cousin Gerold Royce. As she enters a secluded area, Daemon appears in a hooded cloak, saying nothing. Rhea mocks him about his inheritance and asks him whether he plans to kill Rhaenyra for his claim.

As she says this, the realization strikes her that Daemon stands to inherit more from her own death.  She recoils and her horse throws her off in fear. Daemon then moves towards her with a rock in his hand as the scene ends. The next thing we hear is that Rhea Royce has passed away due to a hunting accident. It is evident that Daemon murdered her, and only her cousin Gerold Rhoyce seems to know the truth.

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Rhaenyra’s engagement


Viserys goes to Driftmark, the seat of the Velaryons along with Rhaenyra and his Hand. He goes there with the sole purpose of discussing Rhaenyra’s betrothal to Lord Corlys’ son Laenor. Though not receiving the welcome that he expected, Viserys carries on with his proposal. This is not sufficient for Lord Corlys though, as he demands an assurance that his grandsons would carry the name Velaryon.

Viserys makes a compromise by suggesting that they would carry the name Velaryon until one of them ascended the Iron Throne. After that, they would carry the name Targaryen. This proposal is acceptable to Corlys. While this is occurring, Rhaenyra carries on her own negotiations with Laenor. She tells him that their marriage would be one of convenience, and they would both be free to pursue their own interests. She reveals she is aware that Laenor prefers the company of men.

Though Laenor is able to accept this, Rhaenyra’s lover Ser Criston Cole cannot. He beseeches Rhaenyra to leave the court behind and start a new life with him. When she refuses and tells him of the arrangement, he likens himself to a whore and states that she has besmirched his honour.

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The legacy of Viserys


As the Grand Maester is treating King Viserys by leeching, Viserys begins to speak to Lyonel Strong about how people will remember him. He says that he has fought no great battles and no one will write songs about him in 500 years. He says he wishes he had been through harder times, and that a part of him believes he would have turned out as a different man if that had been the case.

Lord Lyonel replies that Viserys has successfully carried King Jaehaerys’ legacy. He says that most people would count themselves fortunate to not have to go through hard times. For a moment, Viserys seems exasperated. He states that another Lord would have comforted him and told him that he would have risen like Aegon the Conqueror given the chance.

In the past, Otto Hightower fulfilled this role by telling Viserys what he wanted to hear. Lord Lyonel is much more frank, and Viserys concedes that he is correct, as always. He then muses that it is perhaps best not to know the answer to his question.

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Alicent’s green dress


At the beginning of the episode, Otto Hightower is about to leave the castle after his dismissal, when Alicent confronts him. She says that she is sad to see him leave, and Otto says that it was Alicent who allowed it to happen by choosing Rhaenyra. Alicent tries to defend Rhaenyra and says that Otto was too persistent in trying to name Aegon the heir.

Otto tells her that she and the king both wanted to believe Rhaenyra and that if she ascended the throne then war would follow. Throughout this episode, Alicent receives evidence that Rhaenyra has been lying to her. The first hint is when Larys Strong mentions to her that the Grand Maester delivered moon tea to Rhaenyra’s chambers at night. The truth finally comes out when Alicent tries to question Criston Cole about Daemon’s relationship with Rhaenyra.

Ser Criston reveals that he too has been intimate with the princess, proving that Rhaenyra has been lying. The revelation of this information culminates at Rhaenyra’s wedding when Alicent walks in wearing a green dress. Ser Harwyn Strong comments that when House Hightower calls its banners to war, the beacon at the top of the tower in Oldtown burns bright green.

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Laenor and Rhaenyra’s wedding


A multitude of events occurs at Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding. During their wedding dance, Laenor’s lover, Joffrey Lonmouth, surmises that Rhaenyra’s lover is Ser Criston Cole. He confronts him and tells him that he knows about his relationship with Rhaenyra and that he has a similar relationship with Laenor. He says that it would benefit them both if they kept silent about it.

Later, during the wedding, Daemon pulls Rhaenyra away to confront her. While they are both arguing, people began to amass around a fight happening in the middle of the hall. As the situation seems to get out of control, Ser Harwyn Strong rescues the princess. The combatants are Ser Criston and Ser Joffrey, who are in the middle of a brawl.

Though Ser Joffrey puts up a fight, aided by Laenor, Ser Criston overpowers both of them. In his rage, he pounds Ser Joffrey’s face into a pulp, killing him instantly. Though the wedding is to happen after seven days, this incident causes that date to change. The wedding occurs that very night in the hall, with signs of bloodshed all around them.

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