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Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully) wasn’t surprised when House of the Dragon became a hit




With numerous plot strands masterfully woven together, Game of Thrones was a complex show. However, given the scope of the show’s storytelling, particularly in the most recent season, there wasn’t enough time to wrap up the plots of minor characters. One of these figures was Tobias Menzies‘ Edmure Tully. Menzies recently shared his views about House of the Dragon.

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Tobias Menzies knew House of the Dragon would be a success

Menzies was recently interviewed by Esquire about his feelings on the new Game of Thrones prequel. He said, “It doesn’t massively surprise me. The novels are highly realized, and Game of Thrones really carried that on—and more, you could argue. The attention to detail is why I think it’s been such a success and why the world feels so complete.”


Tobias Menzies hasn’t watched House of the Dragon yet

With a number of Game of Thrones alums refusing to watch House of the Dragon, it should come as no surprise Menzies is one of them. He said, “I haven’t sat down to watch House of the Dragon, but there’s so many ingredients planted down in that world. It doesn’t surprise me that it still attracts people.”

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