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Emma D’arcy says Negroni Sbagliato meme changed their life



Emma D’Arcy Olivia Cooke Negroni Sbagliato TikTok meme

Emma D’Arcy unintentionally caused a spike in the sales of an alcoholic beverage and its contents last year. If you don’t know the context, Max posted a TikTok of House of the Dragon co-stars Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke. In the video, they discuss their favorite drinks, and D’Arcy responds, “Negroni, Sbagliato, with prosecco in it.” It went viral and was one of the most popular memes of 2022.

Negroni Sbagliato meme changed Emma D’Arcy’s life

In her most recent interview with Awards Watch, D’Arcy admitted, “What was great about becoming a meme was that my mom was thrilled. She was so excited. Yeah (laughs). The irony is probably that is the true answer: Negroni Sbagliato changed my life, man. Yeah. What a weird year. It’s wild. I’m on menus now. A friend of mine was in the States and they’re in a bar and on the menu was the D’Arcy, which is a Negroni Sbagliato.”

What is the Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco meme?

Emma D'Arcy & Olivia Cooke Get To Know Me | House of the Dragon | Max

Max uploaded a TikTok video last September which included House of the Dragon co-stars Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke. They talk about their favorite drinks in the video, and D’Arcy says, “Negroni, Sbagliato, with prosecco in it.” It quickly went viral and became one of 2022’s most popular memes.

Olivia Cooke didn’t really like Negroni Sbagliato

In an interview last year with Digital Spy, Cooke revealed, “Emma [D’Arcy] made me one not so long ago and I didn’t like it. I’d prefer a normal negroni.”

“I’d never heard of [negroni sbagliato] and now the world has twice over. I was in the pub the other day and a Spanish girl held the door open for me and went, ‘Stunning!'”

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