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The Jon-Dany boat scene in “Beyond the Wall” was different in the script



Game of Thrones is a massive show with a large number of storylines running parallel. Now, as we know, while the original scripts are well written and planned, quite a lot changes between the scripts and the final product. The latest example of the same is the scene that we saw where Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow talk after Jon returns from having almost died beyond the wall.

Now, the difference isn’t major when you first read it, but it has implications that are somewhat important. The scene we are talking about is the one where Jon is unconscious on the boat, and Daenerys is sitting next to him as he wakes up and they have a chat, where Jon says he’ll bend the knee, and calls her ‘Dany.’ A redditor named wisesex pointed out the difference from the script in a post on r/freefolk. Check it out, below :

Now, in the final version, we saw Davos tear off Jon’s clothes, and that’s when Dany sees the scars. However, in the script, Dany seeing the scars was supposed to happen in the same scene where Jon names her his Queen.

So what difference does this make? Well, there’s a build-up to Daenerys knowing about Jon’s rebirth. Davos almost reveals it when Jon and Daenerys first meet, and her looking at his scars closely would have added another dimension to it.

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What do you think? Will the revelation happen in Season 8? Or will it be dismissed as an unimportant piece of information since the Army of the Dead is practically knocking at the castle walls of Winterfell? Tell us in the comments, down below!


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