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The Green Army prepares to fight a dragon in new House of the Dragon leaks



Ser Criston Cole at the royal wedding

House of The Dragon Season 2 is now filming at Leavesden Studios and Surrey and appears to be a lot more action-packed than its predecessor. Strange Ravens expose the actors, locales, costumes, and narrative in amazing detail on a regular basis. An intriguing scenario was being photographed today in Surrey.

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Greens prepare to battle a dragon

House of the Dragon’s second season will be harsh and include a number of bloody confrontations. The Battle of Rook’s Rest sequences are presently being shot at Bourne Woods in Surrey. In one of the more recent images, many troops could be seen screaming and fleeing for their life from what appeared to be something overhead. The pictures and vids were captured by UnBoxPHD.

Criston Cole leads the Greens to battle

In another set of leaks, Fabien Frankel’s stunt double was seen wearing the full armor of Criston Cole, along with a new necklace made of hands. It indicates Cole’s appointment as the Hand to the King Aegon II. He was seen commanding the Green forces in recent set leaks.


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