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House of The Dragon Episode 7 preview teases a grim funeral, a rekindled romance, and a fight for Vhagar




Game of Thrones might have left a bitter taste in the mouths of a lot of fans with its controversial final season. However, the prequel House of The Dragon is trying hard to relive the glory days of the massive franchise, and seems to have been highly successful so far. It has a similar feel to that of Game of Thrones, in terms of cinematography, themes, and brutal and gory action, and yet stands in its own right as a much different story. The events of the upcoming episode, Driftmark, were teased in a preview clip right after episode 6 premiered. Let’s have a look at the teaser.

Season 1 Episode 7 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

As evident by the name of the episode, much of episode 7 takes place at Driftmark, the ancestral seat of the Velaryons. The Velaryons, along with Daemon, Rhaenyra, and King Viserys Targaryen are mourning the loss of young Laena Velaryon, who died in the last episode. The rest of the noble families in Westeros are attending the funeral ceremony, however, not everyone sees each other eye to eye. Sparks begin to fly between Daemon and Rhaenyra, as they once again get closer, which will further blossom into the marriage ceremony we see at the end of the trailer.

A fight breaks down between the children of Rhaenyra and Alicent, and the tension will rise even more in the upcoming episode. We see a familiar-looking dagger in Alicent’s hand, a scene teased during the promotional videos of House of The Dragon. Overall, the new teaser looks fantastic!

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