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The Ark’s cast describes the show as “an echo of Game of Thrones” in space



Game of Thrones was an epic fantasy, there’s no doubt about it. There’s yet to be another show that has come close to the quality and popularity that George R. R. Martin’s creation achieved. And that is why even the best new shows and films that have a touch of fantasy have been compared with the acclaimed series. Syfy’s new sci-fi show, The Ark, is definitely one of them.

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What is The Ark about?

The Ark is a sci-fi TV series created by Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner, about the remaining crew of a spacecraft known as Ark One, who must become the best versions of themselves to stay on course and survive after experiencing a catastrophic event that caused massive destruction and loss of life.

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How is The Ark a ‘Game of Thrones’ in space?

In a recent interview with Digital Trends, The Ark star Richard Fleeshman said, “There’s a little echo of Game of Thrones in fighting for the chair. Throughout the series, the captain’s chair remains vacant for an awfully long time, maybe indefinitely. It’s always the pride of place in the bridge. It’s kind of in the background. Everybody’s got their eye on the prize. Certainly, Lt. Garnet steps up to the plate and does an amazing job initially.”

He also teased that there are dragons in the show.

When does The Ark Season 1 Episode 8 arrive?

The Ark Episode 8 will release on Wednesday 22nd March at approximately 10pm (ET). Episode 8 is scheduled to clock in at around 46 minutes long.

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