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Steve Conrad to write Game of Thrones’ prequel series Tales of Dunk and Egg



Steve Conrad to write Game of Thrones’ prequel series Tales of Dunk and Egg

Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is one of the most anticipated shows of 2022. Fans can hardly contain their excitement as periodic leaks reveal who’s playing who in the upcoming prequel. However, House of The Dragon is not the only show that’s in HBO’s books, there are about 317 ideas in development, as stated by George R.R. Martin, and we so dearly hope that a lot of these actually come to fruition. As the Martinverse begins to expand, another Game of Thrones spinoff has moved a step further into the bounds of becoming a reality, i.e. the prequel show based on Tales of Dunk and Egg.


HBO has entrusted Steve Conrad with writing the show for TV, who will also serve as the executive producer under his Elephant Pictures banner. The one-hour show would be based on the series of fantasy novellas by George R. R. Martin, which follow the adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall (Dunk) and a young Aegon V Targaryen (Egg) 90 years prior to the events of Game of Thrones.

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Conrad previously created the Amazon series Patriot as well as the current AMC stop-motion animation series Ultra City Smiths. He also co-created the Epix neo-noir series Perpetual Grace LTD starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Jimmi SImpson.  

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Billie V Koetting

    February 24, 2022 at 2:37 am

    I recently read Martin’s ‘A knight of the Seven Kingdoms’. If you had an interest in the books / series Game of Thrones, then you are familiar with the role of knights and squares, sell swords, hedge knights and feudal lords. Dunk [Duncan the Tall, 6’11 think the Mountain that Rides.] becomes a hedge knight, selling his sword to any lord. Egg, nickname for Aegon V Targaryen a prince of the Seven Kingdoms. The story line is much like Twain’s Prince and Pauper. Interesting read with illistrations. I don’t doubt it will make a good series although I doubt it would get above a G-13 rating without a lot of creative screen play writing.

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