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George R.R. Martin is working on 317 new ideas for Game of Thrones spinoffs with HBO, and Winds of Winter




Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is a pretty busy man, contrary to what most of the A Song of Ice And Fire fans believe. It has been a decade since the last book in the series came out, and we can understand why a lot of fans are fuming at the delay despite him reassuring them again and again that yes, he is still working on the next book ‘Winds of Winter‘. He has yet once again promised that he is still writing the novel, but along with that, we have some other news for you.

There’s another reason why Martin is so busy nowadays. Apart from working on the Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon, his Wild Cards series, and The Winds of Winter (as he says), he has just revealed that he is working with HBO execs on 317 ideas to develop new Game of Thrones’ successors. Here’s what he wrote on his blog Not A Blog:



“I almost titled this post “I’ve been working on the railroad,” but my readers would have taken that the wrong way… and, anyway, it isn’t true. I am one of the owners. Mostly what I have been doing is throwing out ideas and writing checks. Sky’s employees, an energetic and enthusiastic crew, have been doing the work, all those things I mentioned up above and lots more besides.”

“I have not driven a single spike, laid a single rail, reupholstered a seat, crawled under a coach to check the wheels, and I won’t be selling tickets or driving the trains either… though I do reserve the right to blow the whistle now and again. Nor have I been in the kitchen with Dinah. I have working, yes, yes… but not on the railroad.”

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“I have been writing WINDS OF WINTER, editing three new Wild Cards books, sitting down with some amazing screenwriters and showrunners to create three hundred and seventeen new GAME OF THRONES successor shows for HBO and HBO Max, and serving as executive producer on various other television and film projects in various stages of development, including DARK WINDS for AMC, JOKERTOWN for Peacock, ROADMARKS and WHO FEARS DEATH for HBO. Oh, and I was the executive producer on our (recently wrapped) short film of Howard Waldrop’s NIGHT OF THE COOTERS. So I have been working. Maybe too bloody hard, but that’s another tale for another blog post… though these days even finding the time to blog is hard”

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