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Sophie Turner hints at the possibility of Sansa Stark becoming an evil lady like Cersei Lannister



There are a lot of great characters in Game of Thrones, and the show continues to bring in a lot of new characters that are equally as good. However, there are certain characters on the show that have undergone a great deal of change over the course of the past six seasons, and thus, Season 7 seems like the ‘this is it’ moment for them. Sansa Stark, is one such character, and despite her having faced a lot, she’s still one of the good guys. Sophie Turner, who plays the role of Sansa Stark, recently talked about how she thinks that Sansa could go over to the dark side. Read on!

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies Singapore, Sophie discussed quite a bit about Sansa Stark. Talking about the evolution of her character, Sophie said :

“[Sansa has changed] from being a naive, vulnerable innocent young woman and being such an underdog… to being a leader, powerful and hungry for revenge from the people who have done her family wrong.”

Sophie said that she also sees similarities between Sansa and Cersei Lannister, and hinted at the possibility of Sansa becoming an “evil lady”. She said :

“They’re both so family-obsessed and family-oriented, and will do anything for the people they love. I can totally see her becoming a Cersei and kind of driven mad by it, by the threats against her family. At the end of the day, that’s why she does the things that she does, because she’s terrified of losing the people she loves. And so she’ll stop at nothing to protect them. If that means becoming like a ruthless killer, leader, sadistic woman or evil lady, then so be it. I don’t think it matters to her, and I can see Sansa swinging that way too.”

Now we’re talking! Imagine Sansa going over to the dark side, and us getting a triad of mad queens. Now, as we know, at the end of Season 6, Sansa shared a look with Littlefinger. He had offered to join forces with her, but Sansa had supported Jon instead, and ended up getting no credit. Sophie talked a bit about it :

“I felt like it was the look between her and Littlefinger, with Littlefinger kind of saying ‘You know, I told you so. You should have listened to me, you should have stuck with me’ and her acknowledging that she realises that now. I think she’s just frustrated – she’s worked so hard, tirelessly to convince him [Jon Snow] that this is what the right battle plan was and he wouldn’t listen to her. She ended up having to save him and yet he gets hailed as King of the North and he doesn’t say a thing [about Sansa saving him]. I think she just feels kind of under-appreciated, and she’s kind of wondering where her loyalties lie now.”

Now, we know that Game of Thrones is a show that doesn’t hesitate in killing major characters. As such, nobody really seems safe on the show, and Sophie admitted that she fears Sansa’s fate. Talking about how she is scared every time she reads a new script, she said :

“It’s definitely fear [when a new script turns up]. Every page that you turn, you’re like ‘Is this the scene? Is this the death scene?’ From the beginning of season six, I started preparing myself. I really truly think that it’s going to be like a death in the family, because I’ve grown up with her, she really feels like my other half. She’s someone that I spend six months [a year] of my life playing, so it’s just going to be so bizarre to see her go.”

Well, at least we are going to be seeing Sansa for one last season, and hey, who knows, she might even take the mad queen road! What do you think? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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