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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas take up adorable ‘couples challenge’ on TikTok



It’s the generation of TikTok viral videos and no matter what we generally feel about them, we’ve all been caught giggling when we glimpse a good one. The current times of the internet, fueled with the space-time dimension of quarantine has increased our virtual seeking. And it recently made us stumble upon a cute clip of Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and her husband, Joe Jonas. The duo took up the TikTok ‘couples challenge’ to give us a quick glance into their equation.



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The couple shot the challenge video on Joe’s TikTok account where an automated voice asked them a bunch of rapid-fire questions. Sophie and Joe, dressed in their casual home-wear, dived right into it. The first question thrown at the couple was “Who fell in love first?” Surprisingly, both were uncertain about who fell for the other first, but ultimately both pointed at themselves. It was quite a mutual affair we guess!

The rest of the answers were like a barrage of arrows aimed at the Queen in the North. She flicked them all without breaking a sweat, smiling all along with guilty pride. In the second question, we found out that Sophie is the more annoying one when she’s hungry. “Who is the homebody in the relationship?” There were no doubts here either. The fingers flew towards Sophie again. The ‘homebody’ part wasn’t much of a revelation though since we knew that from a recent video-chat between Sophie and Conan O’Brien.

The last two questions inquired, “Who’s more spoilt?” and “Who’s more grumpy?”. While Sophie kept her finger fairly pointed towards herself for both, Joe was totally spot on with her eagerness to signal that it’s his lovely wife.

If we were to give an award for the best quarantine couple, the trophy would definitely go to Mr. & Mrs. Jonas. The two have engaged their fans with some fun and innovative activities. Whether it’s an Instagram Q&A, asking people to practice social distancing, or a display of makeup skills, the rumored parents-to-be have been a quarantine funhouse. And we appreciate their enthusiasm during these grim times.

We hope all of you are observing the necessary practices; washing your hands regularly, not touching your face or eyes, and maintaining social distance. The coronavirus pandemic is actively affecting people all across the globe, but our active participation and constant vigil can defeat the virus and its disease. We wish you good health!

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