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Someone is putting the wrong captions on Game of Thrones scenes and it's hilarious!



Game of Thrones is an intense show, but it has its moments of fun. The huge fanbase that the show has, it has never failed on making something funny from something relevant to the show. Memes have been made a million different ways, but now we have a new take on Game of Thrones memes. An Instagram account posting Game of Thrones memes made from scenes and carrying incorrect subtitles, has gone viral, and it’s hilarious!

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The Instagram account (@incorrectgotquotes) basically takes scenes from Game of Thrones and subtitles from other shows or movies and puts them together. Owned by a 18-year-old high school senior named Marysia, as Mashable reports, the account now has almost 28k followers. She talked about it :

“I saw people making these kind of posts with other TV shows/films and since Game of Thrones is my favorite show I made my first edit without thinking too much about what I’m gonna do with it.

I love making people laugh and when I see messages from people saying how much they love my posts, it just makes my stone cold heart warm again. It’s the idea of imagining my favorite characters from Game of Thrones speaking like the people from modern sitcoms/comedies is the most bizarre and amusing thing to me.”

Check out some of the memes, below :

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