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Latest Game of Thrones episode, Beyond the Wall gave us a shocking twist in the end



The latest Game Of Thrones episode was a total ripper! The showrunners are making sure that they leave no stone unturned as the show approaches its end. Earlier this season, we got to watch the epic battle featuring the Lannister and Tarly army against the Dothraki and Drogon and it wasn’t even the penultimate episode of the season! Looking at the Loot Train Attack, the fans were sure that the penultimate episode would just blow away their minds and they were proven correct during the latest Game of Thrones episode, Beyond the Wall.

The title of the episode gave us a good idea that the episode would majorly focus on the events that would occur beyond the Wall as Jon Snow and company were on their mission to retrieve a Wight. The episode wasn’t entirely grim as it had some hilarious interactions between the characters and also a touching moment where Jon Snow offered to return Longclaw to Jorah Mormont, who was the original owner of the Valyrian Steel sword, which he left behind at home before fleeing from Westeros. Jorah returned the sword to Jon Snow, telling him that he broke his father’s heart and he didn’t deserve the sword.

The episode then went into overdrive, when we were introduced to a Wight Polar Bear! The bear managed to kill some members of the team and it also grievously injured Thoros of Myr. We then got to see an epic fight between Jon Snow and a White Walker and Jon showed us that he’s one of the best swordsmen in Westeros as he managed to kill yet another White Walker and with it, he has killed the most number of White Walkers so far in the show.

The suicide squad successfully managed to capture a Wight but before they could return home safely, they found out that they were in serious danger as the army of the dead marched towards them and they managed to find themselves running on a frozen lake and somehow they reached a rocky island before the ice cracked and they found that they were safe for the time being as the Wights couldn’t cross the water. Gendry, who was given the task of informing Daenerys about the latest situation, ran as fast as he could and somehow managed to reach the wall and relayed the message asking for immediate help from Daenerys.

Things looked grim for Jon and team as they were freezing in the cold while being surrounded by the Wights. The Hound in his frustration threw a rock at a Wight and it turned out that the lake had frozen again, thus allowing the Wights to charge towards them. It was impossible for them to fight against countless zombies and everything seemed to be lost but Daenerys managed to arrive right on time and started burning the Wights and it looked as if everyone was going to escape successfully.

However, the Night King had different plans as he took one of his weapon and shot down Viserion and killed him instantaneously, who then sunk inside the lake. The scene was completely unexpected and I am sure the scene must’ve shocked the fans around the world. It was heartbreaking to see a dragon die and for a moment, it seemed that the Night King would even kill Drogon, but Daenerys somehow managed to escape, leaving Jon behind as he too fell into the icy lake while fighting against the Wights.

Jon somehow managed to escape, thanks to Benjen Stark and reached Eastwatch but the episode didn’t end over there we got a huge shock right in the end, when we saw the Wights using huge chains to pull out Viserion out of the lake and the episode ended with the Night King reanimating Viserion!

This moment gave me the chills and I had goosebumps for some time after watching the scene. The Night King already seemed invincible, with his ability to resurrect the dead and now he has a Dragon on his side.

This just makes things worse for the living as the Night King can simply fly over the Wall now or who knows, just bring down the Wall with the help of his Dragon. The season 7 finale is going to be really epic as we will find out more about the Ice Zombie Dragon and I am curious to know if the Dragon will be able to shoot ice beams from his mouth or a blue flame.

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We will just have to wait another 7 days to find out what happens in the finale and then we will have to wait another year or two to find out how Game Of Thrones ends. What were your reactions after watching the episode? Let us know in the comments below.


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