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“Sansa will always be a part of me”- says Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner




Game of Thrones was an amazing and emotional journey for both the fans and the cast alike. There may have been hardships and long hours of work, which they had to execute with perfection, but the cast and the crew always seemed to have fun when they were on the set. Many of the cast members grew to love their characters, and have admitted that Game of Thrones was the best experience of their life/careers. Some of the younger cast members, who sort of grew up with the show, share a special bond with the roles that they played. Actress Sophie Turner feels about Sansa the same way.

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Turner played Sansa Stark for nearly a decade, she grew up on the set. Her journey was truly amazing, from being one of the most annoying characters to the Queen in the North, she came a long way. Once the show was over, Turner along with a number of cast members got Game of Thrones tattoos, which she flaunted in a recent interview with Elle and said, “She’s still a big part of me. She’ll always be a part of me.”


She recalled her early years on the set, “I never really felt like I was doing anything different. People would be going away on really long holidays over the summer… and I’d go to Belfast to work. The producers, runners and actors raised me, alongside my parents, but they raised me more in a business sense and to be an independent working woman. It was a very formative time in my life. At 16, I felt like I was a fully-fledged adult.”

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