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House of the Dragons won’t end with Dance of the Dragons, says showrunner Ryan Condal



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In House of the Dragons, dragons are not a recent development. They have been around since at least the time of the Doom of Valyria, where the Dragonlords were the rulers of Valyria, formally known as Old Valyria. That being said, recently, Ryan Condal appeared in an interview with There, the sole showrunner discussed the possibilities of experiencing different eras in the series.

During the interview, Condal was asked whether or not future seasons will feature Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and her relationship with Alicent Hightower‘s children. To this, Condal said:

I love Westeros, I love George’s world. I would love to be involved with it, as long as he and HBO will have me. It’s hard to think about where things could go. The show is called House of the Dragon, it’s not called ‘The Dance of the Dragons.’ It’s about the Targaryen dynasty in all of its forms, it’s about the Targaryen house, really, and I think there’s many fascinating periods to be told there.”

A timeline where Targaryens are still in power but without any dragons

Aemond tames Vhagar

This isn’t to say that the show will end with a cliffhanger or anything like that. The producers have clearly discussed this possibility before they started filming, and they have a plan in place for what happens if their show does continue beyond its current set of characters and storylines. But if the impending war does happen? Well, then… things are going to get really interesting.

To this, the showrunner revealed that:

I think now we’re telling the story of this large civil war that happens when both sides have dragons, and I think it’d be fascinating to also explore a time when Targaryens are still in power but don’t have any dragons. How do they then threaten their enemies, and how would the whole strategy of war change. There are a lot of places to go.”

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