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Ryan Condal calls Vhagar the LeBron James of Dragons in House of the Dragon Season 2 interview

“It makes the whole team better and eats up the most of the salary cap,” he added.




Ahead of the premiere of House of the Dragon season 2, showrunner Ryan Condal appeared on the The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon. He discussed a myriad of things from fans’ expectations from season 2 to the events that are shaping the narrative in the upcoming episodes.

Ryan Condal calls Vhagar the LeBron James of Dragons


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The fandom of House of the Dragon has been divided into two factions – Team Green and Team Black. With Alicent and Rhaenyra claiming the Iron Throne for their benefit, they will stop at nothing to see their side win. While sizing up both factions for the viewers, Ryan Condal smartly assessed the situation and laid it bare for fans to analyze further. He called Vhagar the LeBron James of Dragons. In the episode, he shared,

“Team Green has to have the advantage coming right out of the gate. They have the throne, they have King’s Landing, the city where the throne is, and the city that everybody has accepted as the seat of the sovereign of Westeros. -They’re on the mainland. Dragonstone is an island, which makes for good defense but bad for raising armies and making an offensive And though they don’t have as many dragons as Rhaenyra’s side, they do have Vhagar. That’s the LeBron James of dragons. It makes the whole team better and eats up the most of the salary cap.”

Condal is absolutely correct in his estimation not just as a showrunner but also as a true storyteller. We all know that dragons are what made the Targaryens kings and queens, so it’s not a surprise that they will be the ones to make or break an alliance’s future. A fair share of Aemond’s power comes from his dragon Vhagar who was responsible for killing young Lucerys.

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Daemon’s mindset in House of the Dragon season 2

Ryan Condal made House of the Dragon

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The biggest question in fans’ minds currently is how Daemon might behave in House of the Dragon season 2. Given his affinity for impulse decisions and rebelling for his own cause, it’s a huge possibility that he may be the thorn in Rhaenyra’s way. Even the latest promos show how conflicted and torn he is in the upcoming season. The hosts of the podcast also asked Condal to elaborate on the Rogue Prince’s state of mind to which he replied,

“I think Daemon sees it as his brother’s throne and claim, and it passes through that bloodline, which I think he sees as more of theirs. And certainly, like, he sees her as queen, and it’s not that Daemon is making a challenge or anything like that, but I think Daemon, he’s still very injured by the fact that his brother passed him over. And as we saw, when Rhaenyra mentions the Song of Ice and Fire and then sort of realizes with a laugh that Viserys never saw fit to tell Daemon this deep secret that was supposed to go from king to heir all the way through history, and that meant that she was saying that Viserys never took him seriously as an heir.”

Consequently, Condal really captured the pulse of the character and what his motivations could be. At the end of the day, Daemon hates the Greens and would rather see Rhaenyra take the throne than have those people claim power. We hope Daemon’s conflict and inner demons find accurate depiction in House of the Dragon season 2 and beyond.

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