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Relive iconic scenes from “The Last of Us” in these pictures of real-life filming locations



The Last of Us

HBO’s recent hit The Last of Us TV Show has received a lot of love from fans around the world. Recently, a fan of the show visited Canmore, a town in Canada where one episode of the series was shot. The person recreated scenes from real-life filming locations, so let us have a look at the recreated scenes.

Who recreated these scenes from The Last of Us?

Mark Cogan known as @skymanblue on Instagram recently visited the town of Canmore and set photos of the series against the town streets, which helped in recreating a seamless blurring of scenes against the real-life locations.

Coincidentally, the said town is Pedro Pascal’s and Bella Ramsay’s favourite town! In an interview with MobileSyrup Ramsey said, “My favourite place that we went to was Canmore, for sure,” to which Pascal excitedly agreed. “Every inch of Canmore was just this magical little town… with really great fudge,” he added.

What scenes of the show were recreated?

The town of Canmore was featured in the 6th Episode of the show and was titled “Kin”. The episode features Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) making it to Wyoming. Afterward, they travel further west, where both of them are surrounded by a group led by Maria (Rutina Wesley), who takes them to a safe community in Jackson. There Joel is reunited with Tommy (Gabriel Luna) his brother.

Mark posted a few recreated scenes of the show on his Instagram account and they look absolutely amazing! Fans of the show were impressed too. The caption of the post reads, Joel & Ellie arrive in “Jackson, Wyoming”. Joel is reunited with his brother Tommy. 8th Street in Canmore, Alberta provides the backdrop.”

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Well with that said, what do you think about the recreated scenes from The Last of Us TV Show? Do let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment down below.

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