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Peter Dinklage weighed in on his future for the next 30 years as an actor after turning 50




Peter Dinklage played one of the most influential characters on Game of ThronesTyrion Lannister. Similar to Tyrion, Peter’s life was no bed of roses. He rose to success with years of dedicated hard work. For Dinklage, each of his characters meant something to him. Playing Tyrion Lannister for nearly a decade, the persona was engraved on his resume like a shining star. Besides Tyrion, Dinklage has played a number of other significant roles, from Chronicles of Narnia to Marvel’s X-Men and Avengers. However, ever since he turned 50, he has been contemplating his life ahead as an actor.

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At a press conference ahead of the premiere of his upcoming movie She Came to Me, Dinklage told Variety, “I’m 53. I wonder if I want to be an actor for the next 30 years. It’s a fork in the road. It’s a common story when you hit 50: there’s a fork in the road and you either wait for inspiration or you seek it out, and I intend to keep seeking it out.”

“Actors sit around waiting for the jobs to come. Painters can paint, writers can write, and musicians can play… actors don’t have that ability. So, we have to wait around or create and collaborate on our own things. The question is, what inspires you? What inspires me is the written word at that point in my life. I couldn’t have played this [role] 20 years ago or 20 years from now.”

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