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Peter Dinklage admits walking away from Game of Thrones was the hardest thing to do




Game of Thrones wasn’t just the biggest show of the century, it was a huge family and a way of life for so many people for nearly a decade. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, something that not only the fans but the cast and the crew find hard to move away from. The show’s star Peter Dinklage, who played the wise but often naive Hand of Queen Tyrion Lannister, was very fond of his Game of Thrones family. He still misses them dearly, mentioning moving on was the hardest thing he had ever done.

In his most recent appearance on the Graham Norton show, which was aired on New Year’s Eve, Dinklage expressed his emotions for the show. He reminisced, “Yes, It was time to move on, as hard as it was. We normally go off for a couple of months and have great friendship and you don’t see each other again, but this was a family – I lived in Ireland, so for me it wasn’t just the show, it was a life, which was the hardest thing to walk away from.”

Peter Dinklage Was Relieved When Game of Thrones Ended | The Graham Norton Show

Comedian Joe Lycett then interjected: “I am a big fan of the series and watched the whole lot,” joking, “The only issue I have with it is when they put in cameos – Ed Sheeran mainly! I love Ed Sheeran, I love Game of Thrones, I didn’t love the Venn diagram where they crossed over.”

“It took me out of it. If you’re going to put them in do it properly and kill them, really kill them. I wanted him singing ‘Shape of You’ while Peter is going at him with an axe!”

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Dinklage laughed in response: “I think it was because we just wanted rock stars around. A lot of those deals were probably done at the pub and then when they actually turned up it was like, ‘Oh no, now we have to write a scene for them!'”

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