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Marvel Writer Chris Claremont hopes the X-Men will get a Game of Thrones-styled adaptation




Game of Thrones was the biggest TV show of the 21st century and a pop culture phenomenon. It finds its way being referenced in all walks of life, be it politics, sports, other shows and movies, and comics as well. Last year, DC launched a series of comic books honoring Game of Thrones in their own unique way, retelling the stories of popular comic characters in a medieval-esque setting, and basing them off of various characters from the beloved fantasy series. It seems like Marvel is not far behind toying with the idea, as one Marvel writer is already talking about giving X-Men a Game of Thrones makeover.

Writer Chris Claremont, who has written impressive storylines like the Dark Phoenix saga and Days of Future Past, attended the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). Referring to the Avengers film series, Claremont points out how he wishes the X-Men to be included in the MCU.


“I appreciate the fact that Avengers got cut in half…but if it were me, I would do the X-canon as Game of Thrones,” he told guests at a C2E2 panel. “If I were doing Dark Phoenix, I would do it as Game of Thrones, and start with Jean arriving at the school: Spend the first season with everybody falling in love with her; Scott [Summers, aka Cyclops] falling in love with her. And then maybe at the end of the first season, we’d go up and she would become Phoenix. And then in the second season, she’d [go on to] do great things as Phoenix.”

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“To me, that’s how you do it,” said Claremont. “That’s how I would do it, to build a rising line of tension and suspense…You want everybody on the edge of their seat to come back and see what happens next. That [is something] the X-canon hasn’t done well in the movies.”

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