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Pedro Pascal on how the differences between Ellie and Joel make their relationship unique




The Last of Us is finally here on HBO Max, and it looks like fans are really pouring their hearts into the series. The Last of Us pilot episode of the show raked in a record number of viewers, sitting just behind House of the Dragon’s first episode in ratings. The series stars two Game of Thrones alums, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, as the leads. Just like Pedro and Bella, their characters Joel and Ellie share an amusing and interesting relationship.

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Pascal told USA Today, “I don’t identify as a tough guy, but I loved the idea of grief existing within such a tough exterior, and the impossible way of burying it. The map of that character’s emotional journey is so beautifully drawn.”

Ramsey said this about her character, “She can be so childish and immature, and then suddenly the most adult person in the room,” she said. “I never got bored playing her, because there’s always so many layers.”

Pascal added, “Only in looking back do we realize how parallel the experiences were, in terms of Joel and Ellie. We didn’t have that reluctance with each other, but we were definitely shy. I was born in the ’70s and have seen every terrible movie from (that era), and Bella was like, ‘Um, do you like musicals?’ We’re, like, two people from completely different planets, but it didn’t matter in terms of how our hearts were looking at each other.”

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