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How Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey dealt with The Last of Us’ emotionally harrowing scenes




The second season of HBO’s mega-hit The Last of Us is presently in the works. Nobody can deny that the series has exceeded many expectations, and HBO’s one of the most expensive dramas ever created has clearly received its money’s worth. Season 2 fans may have to wait a bit longer, as the writers’ strike has halted production. The show’s stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey recently looked back at their time filming the HBO hit.

How Pedro Pascal dealt with emotionally draining scenes in The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey recently chatted with Deadline about their experience filming for The Last of Us. Pedro said, referring to Bella, “We definitely complimented each other’s mood systems. And granted, we can lean into this kind of conversation, but we’re f*king angels by comparison, I think [laughs]. But in a place of sensitive awareness, if she was feeling incompetent or I was feeling incompetent — because that’s what it ultimately comes from, your fear — whenever we were afraid, we couldn’t be afraid together.”

Bella Ramsey on helping Pedro Pascal deal with stress

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Ramsey recalled helping Pedro while filming those scenes, “I would repeat the things that Pedro would say to me back to him. All the wisdom that he’s given me, I just spew it back to him, and he’d be like, “Wow.” And I’ll be like, “Well, you told me first. It has all come from you.”

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