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Paddy Considine (Viserys) won’t let anyone else sit on his ‘precious’ Iron Throne!




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon has created a huge hype amongst fantasy lovers. Just as the characters in George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood are always scheming and fighting to sit on the Iron Throne, HBO is leaving no stones unturned, working tirelessly in the marketing of the fantasy series. However, Game of Thrones fandom is well aware of how madly one can fall in love with the world of Westeros, and one actor, in particular, might have taken his role in the prequel series a bit too seriously.

We are talking about Paddy Considine, who will be playing King Viserys I Targaryen in House of The Dragon, and has reportedly become so attached to the Iron Throne that he doesn’t let anyone else sit on it. This was confirmed by Eve Best (Rhaenys in the show) in a recent interview with The Guardian. She revealed:


“Yes, he didn’t want anybody else to sit on it. I never quite knew to what extent he was joking. Rightfully it should have been my throne. I had to settle for sitting on a replica one at Comic-Con instead.”

For someone who had initially rejected an offer to be on Game of Thrones, it is quite comical for Considine to fall head over heels for the Iron Throne in House of The Dragon. Yes, it is the ‘one throne that rules them all’, and yes, many ogle at it hungrily with Gollum-like eyes, the precious Iron Throne has only been known to send one to their grave quite early, unlike the Rings of Power.

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