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Paddy Considine says King Viserys knows Daemon can’t be fixed




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is fast approaching as you read this article, and very soon we will be back in the tumultuous world of Westeros. Between war and chaos, there are brief stints of calm and peace, maintained by someone who thinks they are doing their best. King Viserys I Targaryen was a peace-loving man, but he was divided on the notion of his own family. Actor Paddy Considine who will be portraying the character in the upcoming prequel explains how Viserys’ rule eventually leads to the Dance of the Dragons.

Viserys shares a very complicated relationship with his brother Daemon, even though he loves him. Considine explained in the first episode of The Official Game of Thrones podcast, “He can’t fix his brother and I don’t think he thinks he can. What he does is occupy his brother. ‘If we keep Daemon over there and put him in charge of that and keep him busy, you know, well, no one’s talking about him and then everything’s fine.’”


He also revealed what he liked about the script, “What I liked about the scripts [for House of the Dragon] was that it didn’t feel like it was a spinoff. They weren’t shooting it particularly differently, you know? Like, reimagining everything and it’s going to look like The Matrix … it was well within the world of Game of Thrones. And I think that’s a smart move. I think that’s really good. And I thought it was well within the framework of what I’d watched. So, I was excited about doing it.”

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