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Olivia Cooke talks about Alicent Hightower’s end game in House of the Dragon



Alicent Hightower

Viewers are anxiously awaiting to see what happens to the dowager Queen Alicent Hightower in the forthcoming episodes of the House of the Dragon series, which has received praise from critics for its accurate depiction of characters from Fire & Blood. Fans are wondering what Alicent has in mind now that the civil war will commence in Season 2 of House of the Dragon given that her son Aemond essentially initiated it.

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What is Alicent Hightower’s end game in House of the Dragon?

In her recent appearance on the podcast UnWrapped, Olivia Cooke who portrays the character revealed what she has in mind for Alicent’s future, “Well I read the books, I sort of know where she ends up. But the book is on various accounts and different accounts of history. So I don’t particularly know what strand of history and heresy Sara Hess and Ryan Condal will take.”

Alicent realizes her father’s decisions for her were “a lifelong deceit”

In another recent interview, Cooke said, “She’s always known that Otto is trying to position her in the best way possible, but to what gain has always been unclear until later on in the series where it is truly revealed that Alicent has been a pawn in his hand since the day she was birthed.”

“It’s a lifelong deceit. You question every single decision that your father has made on your behalf: Was it for you? Was it for the realm? Or was it just for him to go down in the history books and create this legacy for himself?”

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