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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reveals Game of Thrones scenes he couldn't stand watching



Game of Thrones is a show that has its own trademark brand of horror, one that is one of the reasons the show got popular. While many of us watch the show without flinching, there are many others for whom some of the scenes can be a bit too much. It seems like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays the role of Jaime Lannister, is one of those. In a recent interview with Variety, he revealed that there were two scenes in the show that he just couldn’t get himself to watch. Read on!

Now, we know that Game of Thrones has normalized us to the shock that some stories can give. On Game of Thrones, have seen people getting beheaded and raped and just about everything else. Nikolaj praised the show for finding the balance:

“I think that’s what the show has been very good at.”

He continued to speak about the scene in which Shireen was burnt alive:

“[That] was just cruel. I understand why they did it, but I just couldn’t watch it. And it was difficult to even read.”

That was one kind of disturbing, but there’s another thing that creeped Nikolaj out, and that was Robin Arryn breastfeeding at the grown age of seven:

“It was so weird and wrong on every level.”

This was a part of a video interview, and you can watch the clip, below:

.@nikolajcw discusses the ‘fine balance’ of controversial storylines on #GameOfThrones #VarietyStudio at #CannesLions presented by @inscapetv | @ispottv

— Variety (@Variety) June 20, 2018

He also commented on the niceness of the cast and how over nine years, “we haven’t had any a–holes on the show. It’s quite something.” He said:

“I’m gonna miss all those people, that’s for sure.”

.@nikolajcw praises his #GameOfThrones cast members: ‘We haven’t had any a–holes. It’s quite something’ #VarietyStudio at #CannesLions presented by @inscapetv | @ispottv

— Variety (@Variety) June 20, 2018

He also gave a positive outlook on the #MeToo movement and how stuff is progressing in the right direction:

“Globally, there’s a lot of work to be done. You still have 150 countries, more, where they have legislation that discriminates against women. But you do have a feeling that the times are changing, and they’re changing fast in a good way.”

.@nikolajcw talks importance of representation: ‘There is still a long way to go, but you can see it changing’ #VarietyStudio presented by @inscapetv | @ispottv #CannesLion

— Variety (@Variety) June 20, 2018

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