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New photos released from the upcoming Game Of Thrones episode, “Beyond the Wall”



It’s been just 2 days since HBO released photos from the upcoming Game Of Thrones episode, Beyond the Wall and today, we have come across more than a dozen photos from the episode that have been released by FarfarAwaySite. The 6th episode is also the penultimate episode of season 7 and that means it’s the equivalent of the epic episode 9’s from the previous seasons. We know that Jon Snow and friends have gone beyond the wall to capture a Wight and looking at the trailers, we know that we are going to witness an epic battle between the living and the dead and to make things better, we know that Jon Snow will also fight against a White Walker!

Take a look at the photos from the upcoming episode below:

The first set of photos is from Dragonstone. We have seen the same scene from a different angle in the previously released photos.

Tyrion is clearly looking towards the Dragons in this scene but if you check the previously released photos, we can see Daenerys wearing a white dress and walking towards the Dragons. Maybe Daenerys finally decides to fly North to help Jon Snow.

The latest photos prominently feature the North and we definitely expect something huge happening in the episode. It will be really interesting to see a conversation between Tormund and the Hound.

Finally, the last set of photos is from Winterfell. Brienne doesn’t seem to be happy in the photo. In the previously released photos, we saw Sansa reading a letter. It might be possible that the letter contains some bad news.

The remaining photos focus on Arya and Sansa and we know that their relationship is pretty strained at the moment. We will hopefully find out in the next episode whether Littlefinger successfully manages to turn the sisters against each other or if they realize that Littlefinger has been playing his games with them.

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