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Natalie Dormer talks about her various avatars in a new ‘Penny Dreadful’ video



We feel you. The new shows are few and far between these days. Although Netflixes, Amazon Primes of the world are trying their best to keep us hydrated with new arrivals, the charm of waiting for your favorite series is something else. With Coronavirus pandemic canceling things left, right and center, the series like Penny Dreadful: City of Angels seems like a godsend. Well, hate to break it to you but nothing is a godsend at the moment and stars have had to work extremely hard to bring the show to us. Read on to find out more!

In many ways, the role of Magda that Natalie Dormer is playing in the series is the role of a lifetime for her. It is a role that required her to don many hats and in the latest behind the scenes clip, she talks about each one of them.

As per the tvguide, Dormer spoke about the characters with great fondness and had a blast playing them. She first talked about the character of Rio, a young woman who calls the shots in the local pachuco gang. She said that she simply loved the costumes she got to wear for the role.

“I love what it feels like to wear that costume. If you thought that the youth revolution was the ’60s, you’re wrong my friends, It was the ’30s.”

Very different from Rio, there is the character of Alex, a manipulative secretary. About Alex, Dormer said:

“I just love Alex, The vanity is zero.”

The third and final character is a German woman, Dr. Craft who Dormer claims has a lot of ambition and definitely shakes it up!

Dormer also spoke about why she chose to play so many characters. She said:

“The dangers of demagoguery; the demonization of others; is mankind innately selfish, prejudiced, or is there something fundamentally good about being a human being? It’s quite big philosophical questions, as well as an incredibly entertaining show.”

Well, aren’t you hyped? If you are like us, don’t forget to tune in on April 26th! In the meantime, you can also check out the first behind the scene clip of the show as well.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels premieres Sunday, April 26 at 10/9c on Showtime.

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