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Game of Thrones actor Michael Condron joins supermarket store Asda to serve people during the pandemic



We have all heard the saying that desperate times call for desperate measures. Well, now truly is a desperate situation for us as human beings. Currently, collectively we are facing one of our toughest challenges ever and we need every bit of our strong characters to come out. We are all doing our bit by staying indoors but there are also some who have taken the onus to do the right by joining the right forces. Read on to find out more!

Only the true fans of Game of Thrones might know him by his name, but he is currently doing something that makes him a true hero. Michael Condron who played the role of Bowen Marsh in Thrones has decided to help the people in his own way and we absolutely adore him for it.

As per NME, Condron has decided to work for the supermarket in Northern Ireland and serve the needy people. Condron believes that by joining the work he is in the right mental space and getting to interact with a lot of people. He said:

“A friend of mine said Asda was looking for people to work there so I got in touch. I came down, got a job and I absolutely love it. The job means I can continue to have that interaction with people like I get in a theatre. It’s kept me mentally in a good place and it continues to do so.”

He also believed that each one of us has a role to play in these difficult times. He felt that people working in the supermarkets have been wrongly taken for granted.

“Every single person has a role to play in these times. People now should really appreciate the hard work that everybody does – I think people who work in supermarkets have often been taken for granted.”

He has had a fair share of people identifying him because of his work as well. Some of the customers have recognized him as a ‘telly guy’. He said that some of them have asked him:

“Aren’t you that guy off the telly?” he felt “And through my experiences working with Asda I think I can write a play! I’ve managed to find many, many characters. All of them fantastic!”

Well, don’t we absolutely love these stories? We wish Condron more power and hope he continues to inspire us to do more!

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