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Music composer Ramin Djawadi gives Game Of Thrones it's first Grammy nomination

Game of Thrones is a great show for a lot of reasons, but one of the major reasons is how good the music for the show is. Honestly, if the music weren’t as good, the show would be less appealing, which is why the music composer for the show, Ramin Djawadi, deserves praise.

Now, we know that HBO has even given him his own show in form of the Live Concert Experience, and it has gotten great reviews, but there has been one laurel that has always eluded him : A Grammy. Ramin has now finally been nominated for one for his work on Game of Thrones! Read on!

Djawadi has gotten a nomination before, for his score for the first Iron Man movie in 2009, but despite the fact that his work on Game of Thrones has been amazing, he had never been nominated, until now! The nominations for the 60th edition of the Grammy Awards were recently announced by the Recording Academy. Djawadi has gotten a nomination in the category of “Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media.” Check out the nominees :

Arrival (Jóhann Jóhannsson, composer)Dunkirk (Hans Zimmer, composer)Game Of Thrones: Season 7 (Ramin Djawadi, composer)Hidden Figures (Benjamin Wallfisch, Pharrell Williams & Hans Zimmer, composers)

La La Land (Justin Hurwitz, composer)

While Hans Zimmer and Justin Hurwitz are tough competitors, we think Djawadi has a fair shot at winning. The Grammys will air on January 28, on CBS, so let’s hope for the best! What do you think? Can Djawadi take the trophy home? Talk to us in the comments, below!

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