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Fans think Milly Alcock (young Rhaenyra) was drunk at The Golden Globes



The 2023 Golden Globe Awards will be memorable for a lot of reasons. It was a big win for Game of Thrones fans, as House of The Dragon was named the Best Drama Series of 2022. However, no Golden Globe Award ceremony is complete without drunk celebrities and their hilarious shenanigans. House of The Dragon has also secured the top spot in that category. Milly Alcock, who played young Rhaenyra on the show, was spotted acting a little wobbly and giggly while receiving the award. In fact, many fans suspect she might’ve been the most drunk celeb at Golden Globes this year.

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In a clip shared by the Twitter account quincy, we can see Milly holding on to Emma D’Arcy trying to stand upright, all the while laughing and giggling at the people and pointing towards the camera.

However, Milly wasn’t the only drunk celeb at The Golden Globes 2023. From Mike White giving his acceptance speech while being drunk on stage to Kevin Costner seeing himself out due to being too drunk, we can finally say The Golden Globes might have some of the best booze in the world that makes celebrities lose control.

What do you think of the drunk-outta-their-mind celebs at The Golden Globes Awards 2023? Talk to us in the comments below!

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