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Matt Smith describes his House of The Dragon character Daemon Targaryen as “Dark and disturbed”



House of The Dragon star Matt Smith calls Caraxes ‘a real moody bastard'

Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is fast on track for its release in 2022. The production hit a little snag recently after a positive COVID-19 case was detected, but since then it has been back to normal. Fans are highly excited about the upcoming series but they do have concerns if it will be as good as the original series, especially after the controversial final season. Actor Matt Smith, who is set to play the Rogue Prince Daemon Targaryen in the prequel show, thinks his character is dark and twisted.

In Joshua Horowitz’s podcast Sad Happy Confused, Smith shed some light on the upcoming prequel. He said:



It’s a good part, it’s an interesting and dark and disturbed part to play, and I thought ‘oh you know, it’ll be interesting to try on a blonde wig and fly some on dragons and get involved in some swordfights’…[My] dragon’s big and red and angry. He’s a really angry dragon. Mine’s the angriest of all the dragons. There is no angrier dragon, he’s a real moody bastard!…[My dragon’s] sort of like my dog, you want him with some pep and personality don’t you…Obviously it’s impossible for this show to ever really succeed in the way [Game of Thrones] did.”

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“[Game of Thrones] became a cultural phenomenon for many people, and it’s never ever going to quite scale those heights in the same way, because that was its own unique thing. Whether people are ready to receive it or not – who knows! You never know. But we make it in earnest, and we try our best to deliver something that is an entertaining world with dragons and sword fights.”

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