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Kit Harington compares his Eternals’ sword Ebony Blade to Game of Thrones’ Longclaw



Kit Harington compares his Eternals’ sword Ebony Blade to Game of Thrones’ Longclaw

Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both share a few similarities, such as the profound secrecy involved in their filming, as well as sharing a number of stars such as Kit HaringtonRichard Madden, and Emilia Clarke. Harington benefitted a lot from his time on Game of Thrones, the pressure, the long shooting hours, and the secrecy, all too familiar for the ‘Jon Snow‘ fame. Harington’s character in Eternals also shares another element from Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, both possess an iconic blade, famous in their respective universes.


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Talking to Cinemablend in a recent interview, Harington answered a few questions regarding his character, Dane Whitman, in Eternals. That is when he was asked about the sword Ebony Blade, Black Knight’s (Whitman’s) signature weapon from Marvel comics, which was spotted in Eternals’ post-credit scene. Here’s what he did with it:

“Yeah. I mean, I did pick it up, yeah. If I see a sword, I have to like swing it about. That’s kind of a rule I have. So yeah, I did.”

He also ended up comparing his new prop with Jon Snow’s iconic Valyrian Steel sword Longclaw. He said:

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“Lighter, lighter, and… yeah, just lighter and a bit smaller.”

Who do you think will win in a swordfight, based on sheer skill? Jon Snow or the Black Knight? Talk to us in the comments below!


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