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Matt Smith begged House of The Dragon costume designer to include pockets in his attire




A show like Game of Thrones doesn’t simply reach the stature it did without everything being high class. An area where the show truly held its own was costume designing. So it should come as no surprise that its upcoming prequel House of The Dragon will feature some of the best costumes ever designed for TV. House of The Dragon’s star Matt Smith is already a big fan of the artwork, and he couldn’t stop praising the costume designers for their incredibly detailed and amazing work.

However, he did have one particular complaint about his royal attire, in fact, he almost begged the costume-designing team to include it. In an interview with Motion Pictures, House of The Dragon costume designer Jany Temime revealed what his request really was. She said:

“Matt Smith said to me, “I want to have pockets.” I said, “No you won’t have pockets. They didn’t even have pockets.” He says, “What will I do with my hands?” I say, “You put your hand on your sword; that’s what you do!” Matt goes, “Please give me pockets.” I said, “No, if you start walking around with your hands in your pockets, then we are no longer in the 12th century or 10th century or wherever century. You will look like a guy sitting in a pub.” Daemon’s my favorite, so elegant, and Matt Smith wears his costume brilliantly.”

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