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Maisie Williams would love to be in a Bollywood film that has ‘a good script, singing and dancing’




Game of Thrones stars have gone on to become some of the most sought out actors in the film industry. They have appeared in almost every major franchise there is, from Marvel to DC to Star Wars to Terminator, just goes on to show how talented they are. The show’s stars Maisie Williams and Thomas Brodie-Sangster are playing important roles in Danny Boyle’s Sex Pistol biopic series, and they answered some interesting questions during the show’s promotional tour.

Williams and Brodie-Sangster answered some questions regarding India in a rapid-fire round posted on the Disney+ Hotstar Youtube channel. Williams said, “I’ve never been to India, so the best Indian food I’ve had has been here in the UK. I used to live above an Indian and I would get food from there every single night from my way to home for probably like six to eight months.”

FX's Pistol | Rapid Fire | DisneyPlus Hotstar

“I was at a dance college at the time and was burning a lot of energy. I could not get away doing that now but it was so delicious and the best Indian food that I had,” she added.

On being asked if she’s ever seen a Bollywood film, Williams replied:

“I haven’t had the pleasure to watch any Bollywood film yet, but I would love to be part of one with a good script, singing and dancing.”

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Her Game of Thrones and Sex Pistol co-star Brodie-Sangster also recalled his fond memories from his trip to India, “Jaipur was very cool, it’s the pink city. I’d like to see Goa and explore the South (India) bit more, or Mumbai, Bombay. Danny (Boyle) spent a lot of time there and he said that was amazing.”

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