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Maisie Williams talks about Hollywood's beauty standard problem



Game of Thrones is a show that has had quite a lot of great cast members over the years, and we have seen quite a few of them start off their careers from the show and grow up into the beautiful people that they now are. One of them is Maisie Williams, who plays the role of Arya Stark, and she recently discussed how it is to be a part of Hollywood and be a young female artist in an industry with unrealistic beauty standards. Read on!

Maisie recently talked to The Irish Times and she spoke about her love for Ireland, which she has had to frequent due to Game of Thrones being filmed there quite a lot :

“I really should get a house in Ireland. I’ll still come back. I love Dublin. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Irish countryside. I especially love Belfast. It’s just across the water, so there’s no reason not to keep popping over.”

She then went on to speak about how it has been growing up in front of the camera, and her realisation about the industry :

“It’s only now I’m starting to realise the characters that are available to me because of the way I look and the characters that aren’t available to me. It’s a very shallow industry. And I don’t look like someone who is cast in roles that are, well, sexualised. Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely in awe of Hollywood’s leading ladies. I love looking at those totally jaw-droppingly beautiful women. But I think it’s sad that you only get to see one type of beautiful on screen.”

She then talked about how the exposure she had gotten from her time on Game of Thrones has made her more aware about the world :

“I didn’t even know what the word feminist meant until I became actress. Within my family I never felt that I had to conform to any kind of types. I had no idea about what was typically male or typically female. I didn’t even know about skin colour.”

She also talked about gifting Arya Stark collectibles to her nephew, and how she is waiting for her other character merchandise, like X-Men, to hit the shelf :

“My nephew is not old enough to have seen Game of Thrones. So he doesn’t quite understand the small collection of characters I’ve given him. Someday, as he grows up, he’s going to realise, and think, Hang on a minute – all these characters are you.”

That does sound great. What did you think about this interview? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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