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Main cast member probably filming at Dragonpit set in Seville, Spain



The production of Game of Thrones is currently hard at work filming Season 8, and one of the locations where the filming is going down right now, is in the ruins of Italica, in Seville, Spain, which you might remember, stands in for the Dragonpit. Today, we have an update on a possible lead star of the show being sighted in the area. Spoilers lie ahead, so beware!

Now, as we know, filming has begun at at the Italica set recently, with the site being closed off for filming. It is expected to stay closed till May 18. However, we don’t know what will be filmed here, but the platform seen in Season 7 is being rebuilt :

Fans have also noticed signs against drone activity in the area:

So they (finally) arrived this morning. Also drone flights rather expensive in (parts of) Santiponce these days.

— GoTlike Locations (@GoTlikeLocation) May 7, 2018

While the production has been filming the background scenes these days, Los Siete Reinos, the Spanish Game of Thrones fan-site, says that the production is set to starts filming with cast and extras, starting with today. Now, the conclusion before had been that there would be no extras here, but LSR says ModExpoR International, a firm that hires extras for HBO in the area, has been trying to hire extras that have previously worked on Game of Thrones, and not new ones, which explains the length of filming in Italica. Moving on, we have a clue on who might be among the leads filming here. It’s Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the show. The information comes from a picture posted by Ollie Jackson, Maisie’s boyfriend, that the fans have analysed:

Maisie is in Seville from freefolk

Apparently the reflection in her sunglasses is the Hotel Alfonso XIII, which is in Seville, which means Maisie will be filming here. As far as the others are concerned, we’ll keep you informed on their arrival, as we hear of it.

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