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Lena Headey talks about the horrendous treatment of refugees in the UK



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Game of Thrones stars are obviously quite as popular as the show itself, and we have known them to do nice things every now and then. From the young Hodor contesting for office to make a change, the older Hodor considering doing the same, to Jaime Lannister teaming up with Google to raise awareness about Global Warming, we have seen them take up quite a few activities for the greater good. Our favorite on-screen baddie, Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, is known for her stand on the refugee situation. She recently spoke about how badly the situation was being handled in the UK. Read on!

As we had recently reported, Lena Headey is co-producing and starring in ‘The Flood’, where she plays an immigration officer who has to decide the fate of a refugee who might be dangerous. Speaking to The Guardian, she discussed how poorly the UK was handling the refugee issue. She said :

“I understand there are safety issues, and screenings for security, but it could be so much more human and compassionate. It’s horrendous that after the journeys that these refugees go through, they are then treated immediately with suspicion and fear.

I get it, this is a crisis with so many levels, but we have also lost sight of the fact it’s not a ‘problem’, it’s people, it’s other human beings. And we’re dehumanising them.”

She went on to talk about how situations like Brexit leading to conversations about refugees stalling, made her be a part of this film. She said :

“The power of film to change people’s minds is a real thing. I, Daniel Blake was a really good example of this, it woke people up – it woke me up – to the injustice of something that is happening now, right under our noses. This film is about the horrors of what is happening every day to the refugees coming to Europe, and how appalling and frightening it is to sit by while it goes on.

I hope it will provoke similar kinds of conversations. It’s amazing how quickly it seems to have died down even though it’s as a bad as it ever was.”

Lena Headey said she was aware that not all fans would take her speaking out on the issue, well :

“People look at actors who speak out and say ‘oh well, it’s so easy for them. There are a lot of people who are saying ‘it’s all right for you, you champagne socialist’ but that’s f**king bollocks, I’m just a human being with a conscience.

My kids need to know that I gave a sh*t – that’s what drives me most. I’m a jobbing actor, this is what I do to make cash, but sometimes I do projects where I make no cash because it’s about making something that will hopefully get people talking.”

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