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A London movie theater is hosting a full Game of Thrones marathon!



Well, when you’re a television fan, marathons are nothing new! Game of Thrones has seven seasons out, with the last one returning, possibly in 2019. Now, given the longer than ever wait time, and the fact that Season 8 will be the last season of the show, fans can do just one thing to deal with the separation anxiety, and that is marathoning all episodes of the show. Now what better way to do that other than on a giant cinema screen? Well (some of) you are in luck! A movie theater in London is hosting a Game of Thrones marathon. Read on!

Winter is Coming reports that the Prince Charles Cinema is hosting a full Game of Thrones marathon. That’s right! All 67 episodes screened on a cinema screen. The details popped up on the Facebook page of the theater. The marathon is a promotional event to celebrate the release of the Blu-ray and DVD release of Game of Thrones Season 7. Here is what the event description reads :

“To mark the release of Game of Thrones: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON and THE COMPLETE SEASONS 1 – 7 BOXSET on Blu-ray™ and DVD, die-hard fans of the record-breaking show can view it all in its entirety on the big screen for the very first time for four days and nights. The non-stop, cinematic takeover will begin at 7pm on Monday 27th until 6pm on Thursday 30th of November 2017, when lucky Game of Thrones fans will be able to experience this unique one off event.

The marathon will run from the 27th of November till the 30th, and it will be done in one go! The best part is that the tickets are free at EventBrite, but you have to rush to register as this event has already gone viral! There will be tickets available at the door, which will be announced on the theater’s Twitter page. That’s not all, MOD Pizza, partners for this marathon, will be present for dinner, and the fans that do the whole marathon will get a chance to enter a draw to win a year’s supply of their pizza!

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So, if you’re in on around London, grab your tickets! Planning on attending? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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