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Lena Headey adores how Cersei overcomes weaker mean in the show



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It’s no surprise that Lena Headey is a strong proponent of gender quality and women empowerment. And it was in the same note that she revealed in an interview how much love and admiration she has for the character of Cersei Lannister because she can easily overcome the weaker men in the TV series ‘Game of Thrones.’

Lena says that playing the character of Cersei has shown her how the other characters work better, and how she exploits the weaknesses in them. She also has greater admiration for how the character is a survivor and keeps holding on no matter what happens to her.

“We’ve seen [these characters] over such a long period of time, and with the subtleties of men’s weaknesses being exposed throughout, these women have risen over the course of this series,” she said. “But you just have to admire a survivor like that. She absolutely refuses to let go.”

The actress also reveals how she likes to keep including comedy in her scenes despite the role of her character, and also how the other actors around her keep making goofy comedy out of the reels of HBO’s production team. She claims that they would have enough for around two seasons worth of a comedy parody of the Game of Thrones. The only thing left is to see whether they ever decide to release it.

“I’m also a total t*** as well,” she said, adding: “We f*** around more than anyone will ever know. I’m always saying, ‘Can we not do one comedy take?’ And David and Dan are just like, ‘No, we don’t have the time!’ If we did a comedy version of Thrones we’d have enough for two series. We’re such a bunch of eejits, it’s the funniest thing.”

The actress also goes on to reveal how she enters a zone within her head before getting into the character of Cersei and begins blocking everything out, all to make her character even more convincing for her audience. Apparently, the cropped hair wig of hers is quite the inspiration for her as it always makes her feel quite angry whenever she enters her character.

“That makes me very angry, so that helps when they put [the wig] on at 6 a.m. and I’m like, f***.”

In the end, Lena Headey is a person who is different from her character in the series, Cersei Lannister no matter how much adoration and admiration she might have for her. And Cersei is who everyone will be watching in the new season which is about to air this April 14.


Game of Thrones was a huge show. It comprised many characters and each of those characters had a significance of their own. Even the actors that were part of the show belonged to different diversity and were proud to represent their origin. Nathalie Emmanuel who played the character of Missandei too felt that she was part of a change and was thankful for the show.

As per The Sun, Emmanuel in her recent interview felt grateful towards the show for pulling her out of the slump.

She said:

“That job changed my life. I really am grateful for that time, because it pulled me out of a slump. Suddenly, I was being thrown onto these big stages and I had to woman up to it.”

She felt proud to represent a character that had undergone so much in her life. She said:

“I had the opportunity to shape a person who had been through unimaginable things and really tell her story.”

She also felt that a strong reaction from all quarters towards her death was an important change.

“It sparked such necessary conversation around diversity and inclusion. I’m used to there being only one role for the ‘brown person’, but when you’ve got a show that has so many eyes on it, you realize she represented so many people. When you kill the only woman of color, there’s going to be a huge reaction.”

She said she was hopeful that shows and movies become more representative of the real-life world.

“Hopefully there can be a discussion about representation. And, when shows of that scale are made again, that the cast looks like the world we live in.”

Emmanuel had spoken about the lack of diversity in Thrones earlier as well. She has continued that discussion and its refreshing to see an actor trying to bring about the change in the world in her own way.

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We live in an era where everything sells if you shout out of your roof. The media of any country is no different in that aspect and as a result, we get to see one ridiculous ‘fake news’ after another. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau a.k.a Jamie Lannister of Game of Thrones has become the latest victim of the fake news mentality. Read on to find out more!


As per Winter Is Coming, various Danish media houses recently claimed that Coster-Waldau is dead and shocked the fans across the globe. Coster-Waldau then took to his Instagram and rubbished the rumors floating around. He said:

“Fake news, we hear about it all the time, Now, in Denmark, apparently there’s a story that’s been floating around various websites. It looked like a news story, and the news was that I had died…I’m fine, but what the fu…I mean, c’mon…I get that you wanna sell your shit, but that’s just…So, to you who did this, I know you don’t care, but fuck you.”

Well, we don’t blame Waldau for his passionate proof of being alive. Media houses around the globe need to be more responsible and deserve the blame for spreading such vile news.

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The perks of working on a show like Game of Thrones are endless. Not only actors got to work in one of the greatest shows of all time, it also helped put them on the world map. The show has also helped the actors earn a fortune and they are not hiding it as well! We now have news on a hot Thrones couple who have become very popular around the world and now decided to make use of their fortune. Read on to find out more!

As per Lady-first, the famous couple of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, has decided to buy a house in the English countryside. The couple has finalized the seven-bed, 15th-century English countryside pad in East Anglia and it cost them a whopping £1.75 million.

The villagers around the area can’t keep calm and are very excited about the news. One of the villagers said:

“There are quite a few celebs round here including rock stars and well-known TV people – so no-one makes much of a fuss and locals are very respectful of their privacy.”

The plush property comes with eight surrounding acres, a tennis court, a croquet lawn, barns, and a guest annex. Well, let’s just say, we envy our beloved Jon Snow and Ygritte from Thrones.

Harington and Leslie met each other during the shooting of Thrones and tied the knot a couple of years ago in Scotland much to the delight of fans across the world.

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